credits to skmreid for line art and drawing(●⌒∇⌒●)
I did the coloring

A drawing for banirakohi ( a new friend of mine in college). She doesn’t have a name, but I thought she was pretty interesting to draw, so I went through with it.

Sorry, I’ve been just drawing portraits lately, college has kept me very busy! I’ll be sure to draw something this week, hopefully.

A character I drew while in school. I think I will name her Ami.

I’m probably going to abandon this character. Her name is Aurora, but she doesn’t look too different from nii-cat that much. She isn’t anything special, so I’m probably just going to get rid of her. oh well.

she may come back up once again. maybe.

another doodle I did for my nii-cat persona

it was a floating head doodle; womp

A doodle I did in the beginning of July. I had fun doing this one. 

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So, all my old artworks that were queued have now been finally posted.

(Except the new recents one after this post). Took me about 2 hours to queue it all and type all my thoughts on each piece.

Honestly, as of right now, I’m feeling quite the nostalgic, but also enlightened in a sense. Mostly because 2012 to 2013 was the start of where I knew I wanted to become an animator/ or when I just started having an immense passion for drawing characters and art.

I know I haven’t done much, and basically all the pieces are just pictures of girls/women, but I know I put (somewhat) a lot of thought into creating those characters, and I had fun while doing it. 

If I had to give advice to my old self, I would just tell myself to keep on drawing, and NEXT TIME DO NOT RUSH YOUR DAMN PIECES, AND DRAW MORE OFTEN. All my old pieces looked like they were rushed because I wanted to post at a certain time or it’s just I haven’t drawn in forever, so I was spastic. Nonetheless, I can understand not drawing often because I had no time during school…I procrastinated a lot.

I know 2014 is coming to an end soon, but not my art journey. I always had this struggle of drawing for a long period of time. Sometimes I draw one drawing a week, then I stop completely for almost a month or two. It’s weird. But I know I can fix that if I keep up with myself, and not hesitate on drawing because I always feel like I’m going to produce something terrible.

But anyways, looking back on those two years it was really stressful, and I noticed how much I completely improved with linework, precision, anatomy, and etc. I know it ain’t perfect now, but I’m getting there. I’m glad I was still able to draw through all those stressful moments in highschool; being a transfer student and such, it was hard for me to make friends.

Like I said, I know I didn’t draw often, but when I did draw, it was like a safe haven for me to post on my online community and get feedback because it would get me through my depression and I would actually communicate with people. 

And to the followers who have been following me since then, thank you so much for sticking with me. I’m glad I met a lot of artists I became friends with online, even if I don’t talk to y’all often, I know y’all are always there for some great feedback. 

Sorry for the long post. A few more recent drawings are on the way. Thank you so much again! I hope you guys have a wonderful school year. 

love y’all. -


Date: March 1,2014

Just a gif I did for fun. I wanted to be spunky. Everyone liked this one, it was something simple and quick. Not to be taken seriously, and I could have done better on it. 

If you noticed the date jumped from last year’s November to this year’s March, mostly because I stopped drawing a lot in between because senior year was stressing me out in highschool. I did draw some things in between, but I’m not posting those (it’s only like 2 artworks) because I don’t think it’s presentable. 

Anyways, This is the last one. I will be posting more recent artworks now.


DATE: November 23, 2013

The later concept art of Nakita. It was titled “Ayanni” on dA as that was her earlier name. I thought Nakita was a better fit for her. Sometimes I slip and called her Ayanni still. Anyways. The anatomy here is a bit spunky, and I don’t know why I did that terrible fake shadow thing again. I’m guessing I had nothing to put in the background, so I improvised. I seriously have to start drawing true backgrounds, like scenery and all that ish.

I tried with my one of my other characters, but it came out terrible and I lost motivation. I hope to start improving myself sooner or later, and not being scared to try something new. Oh well.


DATE: September 14, 2013

Another “Queen” image. I did not like the outcome of this. I worked too much on the hair and I did not care about the rest of the image. I think it was because I was trying to finish this quickly as I was getting tired. 

Also, the background is terrible, I did not know what I was thinking adding the smoke. But, good times I suppose.

Took me hours to finish this for a crappy outcome.