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head shot for my “afro kitty” design.

I just decided to upload some un-finished work! Sorry, I haven’t been posting due to too much relaxing and video-game playing over this spring break.

I’ll start sketching up so more works during the rest of this week, and next week.

This was a gift for my friend Superion, of his character Nova. Sorry I wasn’t able to finish it! But he had such a cute character, I couldn’t resist!


More study sketches. Excerpts from my sketchbook cleaned up

Hey everyone! Welcome back! For anyone who is reading this, and is about to re-follow me (or already did), I just want to say thanks a lot for supporting me and never giving up on me! I know it sounds quite cheesy, but I really want to get strict with artwork and my studies now.

Of course, today is my birthday, and I’m not getting any younger. 

What I can promise you is that on this blog you will see more sketches, more illustrations, and of course, animations! 

I hope you guys give me a chance to redeem myself from these stressful years of me complaining, and hollering. Please don’t hesitate to check out my Youtube page, and my Facebook Page!