My newest character, Amber! 

main (nsfw) account:


personal/main vs. strict art blog




hey guys!! i have been gone for awhile, and i haven’t been posting much

i took somewhat of a semi-hiatus to find myself, and to organize myself for college/ find myself a new image.

this blog will now strictly be an art blog without me rambling on with text posts and other stupid garbage. i will not be as active on this blog as my personal blog. i will dump completed illustrations here from time to time.

the personal art blog will be used to post sketches,nsfw artwork, voice acting, sketchbooks, flash animations, etc etc. I WILL BE TAGGING MY NSFW.

i will also be just keeping skmreid on tumblr, for as a i stated, to dump completed illustrated works for a professional outlook/ and for family members. i won’t be active with my skmreid account on deviantart, or any other website (where ever the hell I may be located).

anyways, follow my new personal blog here


honestly you can do whatever you want, i just want to start fresh with a new image, and not associate myself with my old self anymore and this terrible blog. i could care less if you want to unfollow or judge me; i want to have a new name and identity.

the links to other websites is located in my description. have fun guys. i’ll reblog this a couple times, and then i’ll delete this later.