DATE: July 30, 2013

This was when I was going through my “Queen” phase. I still am though. That is my persona, about how I was able to find more confidence in myself, and I should treat myself as such. I shouldn’t go for anything less.

I referenced this off of a stock image I found on dA and made a little difference in the hand gesture.  First time drawing my twists, an amateur outcome. I don’t think I would re-draw this, but I like this piece a little. Not too much though.



DATE:  June 23, 2013

A TERRIBLE SKETCH. This is the character that Nakita runs into when she comes down to earth. I didn’t even give her an official name or re-drew her in anything else. I was going to name her Annie, but I wanted to give her an Asian name (why wouldn’t I give her any justice???) It was killing me inside.

I did want to name her Kim, but I felt that was too stereotypical, but then one of my Asian friends told me there aren’t much asian names out there. (Hopefully, she is correct, but I did do a search, I didn’t find much.)

But, I am bringing the story/ concept back. It’s called Stellar!



DATE: JUNE 21, 2013.

Another piece of sketch for my best friend’s character Trixie. 

I sketched this really fast and surprised her with this. I think the face came out great, but I made her thighs too big for the proportion size of her body. But, it gives this drawing it’s own appeal so.

I messed up on the anatomy, but it’s good to upload old dirty artwork to show how much I’ve improved. I’m glad. I’m not going to point out how much I messed up besides the thighs, find it, and you’ll see.



DATE: June 1, 2013

This was a drawing for my best friend. I feel like she should really bring this character back because she had a great concept for her.

Plus, I love the color scheme of the character. The colors match up lovely.

Did I mention I hate the background though? So terrible, it was rushed. I don’t know what I was thinking with the gray. I should totally re-draw this. 


DATE: May 4, 2013

A new character comes to life. I was so excited about this character, and with the more recent posts that are going to come, you will see how much she developed. 

Her name is Nakita. I don’t have a complete detailed story for her, but she is a princess of a planet, soon to become Queen. She is a galactic governor and defender as it’s her job. She doesn’t want to marry, and become queen. She felt as if she wasn’t prepared for the job, and wants to rebel. But eventually, a very important duty came about where being queen had to wait, and she travels to earth to complete her important mission, meeting another main character I’ve developed for her. The prince she is supposed to marry, accompanies her too, but on accident. She isn’t very happy about that.

Also, she’s bisexual. There is a more better concept of her later. Keep a look out for it, (but I’m pretty sure y’all remember.)


DATE: April 13, 2013

Another somewhat of a popular piece. A lot of people like the concept in this photo. She seems like the governor of the galaxies. I am sooooo going to re-draw this. This piece was completely rushed, and I thought about the idea last minute. When I re-draw it, I want to not rush on it, and make it look at nicely detailed as possible. 

I know I could have done better on this piece, and I will do so next time. People who have followed me last year remembers this piece, I know for sure. 


DATE: March 23, 2013

This was my third popular piece. It was an art trade with another fellow deviant. I don’t know why, I never liked the outcome of this piece. Everything was simply rushed when I remember doing this piece. Everyone told me the lineart looked good, and etc. 

The shading was sloppy, the hands are off, and the anatomy isn’t correct. But, this is old artwork, so it’s great I can pinpoint the problem with this piece. But this was when I just started to improve, so I guess I shouldn’t beat myself up too much. This was also one of my mom’s favorite lol.


DATE: March 16, 2013

A concept piece of my character Roxy. If you guys have been following me since last year, I’m pretty sure you’ve seen this piece. I really hated this sketch for some reason, but now that I’v come back to it, I actually don’t mind it.

I just probably felt like the color scheme could have been better. I would totally like to re-draw this. 


DATE: March 9, 2013

Another sketch of Roxy; this one was weird though

I wasn’t going to upload this one because the size of the hair/ the head is immense. But, a lot of people seemed to like this one. So why not;  I had fun drawing this one.

I may do a re-draw of Roxy later.


DATE: February 18, 2013

Another old piece everyone seemed to like. One of my second ‘popular’ ones. All I did was slap on an overlay of a galaxy brushed I used, brightened it, and highlighted, etc. I blurred out the bottom of the dress and etc.

I got lucky with the outcome that everyone seems to like. I like it to, I want to re-draw it, but I feel it won’t come out the same.

Good times.