DATE: February 1, 2013

This was an later concept of Roxy. I was going with the “I live in a apocalyptic aftermath, and I’m trying to live on my own” type of badass story and concept.

Never really went through it, and there were too many loopholes in my story. Yet, I believed my concept was very good. It wasn’t too much about the apocalypse, it was more she was in a search of her father while taking care of her little sister. I think the area was taken over by villians or something. I don’t even remember anymore, jeez.

I really liked this sketch. I was trying to get the flow of body figures and all that ish.


DATE: January 27. 2013

This is when I started to find my norm with my artwork. I started shifting back towards more of a sleek “anime” (even though I don’t consider it too much anime, but whatever) style. My “style” started becoming more sophisticated and simple. Just how I like it.

I didn’t really stick to one single style because I wasn’t too worried about it. I just drew what came to me and what looked good. 

OLD (but good) ARTWORK: 

DATE: January 20, 2013

I basically started off the New Year with a bang. Everyone seemed to LOVE this character, her expression, her pose, her everything.  Her name is Rosey ‘Roxy’ [insert any random last name here because I am not creative enough].

If you notice though, I made a very amateur mistake but just slapping on a “shadow” that doesn’t even connect correctly to her feet.

This post got one of my highest views and favorites on dA. 170 favorites, and 1,089+ views. May not seem like much to some people, but is a lot for me since a lot of people don’t stop by often.

I still look back on this piece and say, “I did a pretty good and clean job on this piece!!”. It makes me happy that this is proof I can post a good piece every once and awhile hahahha.


DATE: December 30, 2012

Another sketch of the early stages of Roxy. Everyone said this piece looked like Naruto hahaha what. 

I like this one, it seems like I had fun drawing this one. I remember drawing this in about 3-5 minutes.


DATE: December 30, 2012

The very early stages of my “popular” (well, everyone always seemed to like this character when they followed me.) character, Roxy. She was supposed to be a girl from the wild. 

But I loved the concept of the hair I gave her so, I decided to make her more into a stronger character. The next uploaded picture of her will show her next design.


DATE: November 27, 2012

Twin sisters, but totally two different personalities. I made these characters based off of observation in my all girl catholic school. There weren’t many twins in my school, but I did notice girls who had double personalities. 

I may want to bring these two characters back, but I’m not too sure. 

We’ll see.


DATE: November 17, 2012

I wanted to use those cool color palette thingies; monochromatic. 

I like the outcome, I actually may re-draw this. I remember taking about 30 minutes to finish this piece all together.


DATE: October 13, 2012

It’s somewhat of a self portrait of me. The early stages of designing my own persona.  I don’t know what to say too much about this piece. I was 14-15 around the time. I was a sophmore, just starting new as a transfer student. I’m more of a pink person, but I wanted to use a blue tone for a more…settled appearance I guess.

Oh, the baby days.


Date: August 21, 2012

A character named Jessica I created. I may bring her back. She had a twin sister who was a high-school bully. Jessica is very smart. Her sister is not. But both become corrupted once they enter high-school together. 


DATE: August 7, 2012.

These were a couple of doodles I did when I was trying to find my “style”. Obviously the outcome didn’t end well, but I did remember having fun doing this. I was just about to start my junior year of highschool.